With over 40 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with an accurate appraisal to suit your needs.  We utilize a team approach in our appraisal process, which has improved our methods, analysis, opinions and reporting.

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Gerald D. Dunbar

  • Louisiana Certified Residential Appraiser # R0804

Gerald began working in the appraisal industry in 1989.  He has successfully served the Acadiana area for a quarter of a century and continues to be an instrumental factor for this experienced team.  Gerald, being highly regarded in his working field, is esteemed and respected by his peers and clients - past, present, and future.

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Mark J. Dunbar

  • Louisiana Certified General Appraiser # G1761

Mark began his career by training under his father, Gerald, in the year 2001.  He experienced early success as a real estate appraiser trainee.  Mark's commercial appraisal experience increased rapidly, and within a short time, he achieved near 100% efficiency on his Appraisal Certification Exam.  Mark has become highly proficient in appraising both commercial and residential properties and continues to deliver quality appraisals through his dedicated work ethics.


Truston T. Aillet

  • Louisiana Licensed Appraiser Trainee # T3722

Truston began working with Dunbar Appraisals in 2012.  His background in real estate peeked his interest in valuation services.  Truston's focus is residential appraisal, as he currently works toward certification.  Truston is a valuable part of this team and has a proficient skill set, which has enabled him to thrive in the appraisal industry.